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Sterling McKinley has 17 years of experience in digital marketing. He has worked on projects for over 100 companies and government organizations, including Sprint, the Department of Defense, Bridgestone Golf, and the Maryland Department of Tourism.

Sterling works with brands to help them attain more customers while retaining their current customer base. He specializes in digital marketing, social media, and customer-experience strategies. Sterling also consults with corporations and organizations to help them integrate the principles from his book, workshops, and seminars into their operations.

Sterling McKinley

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Why Should You Work With Sterling?

Sterling finds it extremely rewarding to educate others. He specializes in helping companies to improve their performance and meet their marketing objectives.

What Type Of Clients Does Sterling work With?

Most clients have the same two goals: increase sales and retain their customer base. Wherever you are on your marketing journey, Sterling can formulate a plan to reach your objectives.

You should not hire Sterling if:

  • You are not excited about trying new things.

  • You believe online marketing success is overnight.

  • You are not willing to move on ideas quickly.

On the other hand, if you’re building a business and looking for someone to help you navigate digital marketing, Sterling could be a great fit!

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